Saturday, October 7, 2017

     In the spirit of things, it is imperative that the B.S. List be posted in as many corners of the world.  It proceeds as follows...

As a community, here are the primary functions that we expect to see from a new coin developer.  While we cannot control the production nor direction of others' products, we can state the requirements of those coins that we wish to represent by way of advertisement and following.

No developer is obligated to meet any one of these criteria.

That said, we are not obligated to speak fondly of their product either.

Expected requirements include:

1 ) A professional announcement, prior to the release of the coin that is well written and illustrated with all pertinent data including solo mining data.

2 ) A pre-compiled, functional wallet.

3 ) A blockchain explorer.

4 ) A current web site that's updated in a timely manner and at least one social media outlet where the developer or staff actively respond.
5 ) A realistic purpose that is not a hopeful replacement of another's.

6 ) A roadmap not primarily comprised of exposure to exchanges and plans to have it traded as basic currency, regardless of the outlet.  High efficiency technology upgrades may be omitted.

7 ) A visible development team.  Their credentials need to be publicly available.

8 ) Open Source code on a publicly accessible repository (e.g. Github), in a usable state that can be properly analysed and compiled without modification.

9 ) No "Simply because another coin made it with less" ethos.

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