Tuesday, October 24, 2017

DFScoin is Cryptocurrency for Fantasy Sports!



 An Interview and an Overview

 From the Blocksucker Nation

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DFS coin had released recently to two exchanges: Coin Exchange and Nova.
I noticed the coin as it appeared on Coin exchange, particularly. For the most part, I saw that it was priced entirely too high for my blood. Lately, my personal technique had been to buy up single satoshi altcoins and flip them at two or three. It would be the last time I'd give the coin direct attention until a day or so later.
Chatting with administration in the radio room, I looked up to notice a PM from an old colleague. He stated that since we had gone separate ways, he had had the chance to spearhead a cryptocurrency project. I am extremely fortunate in my networking and I am surrounded by men and women more capable than I, willing to give their all. Casing point, I am now introduced to this new coin that I'd have otherwise not given a second glance. My immediate reply was, "Will it pass the list?"

The list to which I refer is the one created by our radio/mining pool community "The Blocksucker Nation" and is appropriately named "The B.S. List".
You can find the B.S. List by clicking on the Blocksucker.
B.S. List
The interview was scheduled on a specifically given Sunday
In order to pay this coin the proper respect and scrutiny, I selected people to assist me in the interview. Stu was selected for his coding skill, lawnmorr for some of the same as well as marketing posture, and finally konsequence for his decisively inquisitive nature. The DFS team met us with three representatives, as well. The rest is on wax for you to listen to at our site. We recorded for nearly one hour and in the end I feel we covered all of the pertinent things most want to know about a new coin. See for yourself!
It simply seems importamt to get this information out there because DFS is releasing very soon on Cryptopia, as well.

I have included the full interview in this article. Below the video are the stats for the coin and all links necessary to get set up mining, trading, or playing fantasy sports! You'll also find a link to our pool which is now hosting DFScoin. While you're down there, please share the video using the social media widgets!

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Saturday, October 7, 2017

     In the spirit of things, it is imperative that the B.S. List be posted in as many corners of the world.  It proceeds as follows...

As a community, here are the primary functions that we expect to see from a new coin developer.  While we cannot control the production nor direction of others' products, we can state the requirements of those coins that we wish to represent by way of advertisement and following.

No developer is obligated to meet any one of these criteria.

That said, we are not obligated to speak fondly of their product either.

Expected requirements include:

1 ) A professional announcement, prior to the release of the coin that is well written and illustrated with all pertinent data including solo mining data.

2 ) A pre-compiled, functional wallet.

3 ) A blockchain explorer.

4 ) A current web site that's updated in a timely manner and at least one social media outlet where the developer or staff actively respond.
5 ) A realistic purpose that is not a hopeful replacement of another's.

6 ) A roadmap not primarily comprised of exposure to exchanges and plans to have it traded as basic currency, regardless of the outlet.  High efficiency technology upgrades may be omitted.

7 ) A visible development team.  Their credentials need to be publicly available.

8 ) Open Source code on a publicly accessible repository (e.g. Github), in a usable state that can be properly analysed and compiled without modification.

9 ) No "Simply because another coin made it with less" ethos.